A History Of War

This is a page dedicated to remembering.

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Various types of protective headgear used by anti-government protesters in Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine.
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I’m back in full now, guys! My internet is finally back to the way to use to be. So I’ll be bringing a lot more posts and all the good stuff you like. I’ll also try to update on recent news stories based on warfare and such for those interested in that.

I’ll also be updating my movie page a lot. Make sure you check out that -


Well, it’s good to be back and I’m looking forward to hearing from you all again! Leave me some love. :)

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Cpl. William Hopkins, a native of Clovis, Calif., a spotter with Company F, 2nd Aviation Assault Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade’s Pathfinders, looks through the scope of the Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifle while Sgt. Lucas Cordes, a native of Hillman, Mich., a sniper team leader with Co. F, 282 CAB, waits for the Uh-60 Black Hawk to turn around so they can commence an aerial firing platform exercise, Jan. 26, 2012, in Logar Province, Afghanistan. (January 26, 2012 - Photo by Spc. Cody Barber)
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Norwegian MJK operators during Cold Response 2014.
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A Marine listens for the heartbeat of a dying buddy who suffered head wounds when the company’s lead platoon was hit with enemy machine gun fire. South Vietnam, Sept 17  1966.
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Three Koreans shot for pulling up rails as a protest against seizure of land without payment by the Japanese
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Promote equality regardless of difference.

- Kie.

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Hey guys, how are you all?

(Please, tell me. I haven’t spoken in a while and I’d love to know)

I look through ALOT of your pages and I sometimes find a page were I love what I’m seeing and I get the urge to share. I’ve decided that I’m going to do a post every Sunday where I post the links to some of my favorite blogs I’ve seen that week. You guys have blew my page up and got me recognition, so, I’d like to throw some your way!

Let me know what you think.

- Kie. <3

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A soldier of 50th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment, shaving besides his Valentine tank, 10 October 1942. A photograph of his wife and new baby is propped up alongside.
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While my internet is being bipolar - Get your request in while you can! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys want to see. :D