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Zombies! Main Story Part 4:

Richtofen returned to the Der Riese facility with full knowledge of the MPD and the Vril, and with Schuster and other Group 935 scientists, spent two years building a top-secret moon base, Griffin Station, to study the device, which he now knew to be a dimensional gateway to the Aether. Placing Schuster and his superior, Dr. Groph, in charge of the facility, Richtofen continued his charade as Maxis’ senior assitant, whom he planned to eventually kill and enter the Aether using the MPD to take control of it’s energy. As Groph and Schuster toiled with the device, Maxis and Richtofen began a project to create Wonder Weapons for the Nazi Party. Using designs from the Japanese Rising Sun facility, Maxis created a weapon known as the Ray Gun, which ran on atomic cold cells powered by 115. Richtofen, meanwhile, harnessed the element’s VIN electrical properties to create a weapon that fired bolts of electricity called the Wunderwaffe-DG2, a weapon so deadly even Maxis himself felt uneasy about it’s mass-production. Nonetheless, he promised Richtofen it would be produced the front lines of the Waffen-SS, but his growing attraction with his secretary Sophia prevented him from doing so.

While other weapons were produced from several Group 935 facilities, such as the Quantum Entanglement Device made by Richtofen or the second generation Ray Gun created by Dr. Porter, Maxis focused his attention on the matter transference devices, hoping to manufacture them to the Wehrmacht granting German forces easy travel in the war. The initial tests failed, with test subjects either being killed or exposed to Element 115, resulting in their deceased cells being reanimated and becoming unresponsive zombies. However, the first successful test would be conducted after a dog had been sent through the device and failed to return to the mainframe, making Richtofen believe subjects were being sent through time as well, though Maxis rejected the idea for a lack of proof. While Maxis believed the MDT experiments to be failures, the Reichstag saw the creation of the zombies as another advantage in the war, forcing Maxis to carry out top-secret mind control research at a defunct theater in Berlin in an effort to control the zombies as an undead army.

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