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Fictional post: (Fallout: New Vegas. Caesar’s Legion.)

The Legion is first and foremost a slave army, the sole owner of which is Caesar. As Caesar conquers the peoples of the wasteland, he strips them of their tribal identities and merges them into his forces. There is no other tribe than the Legion itself.

As a slave army, the Legion maintains a very strict hierarchy or division of roles. All able-bodied males become slave soldiers with a singular purpose: to fight for Caesar until they fall in battle. This reason for being is imprinted into each legionary during his reconditioning or, if one was born into the Legion, upbringing and training. Legionaries become unconditionally devoted to their leader, living to fight. Contrary to expectations, experience and veterancy has no bearing on one’s position in the Legion. While some may receive better equipment and more dangerous tasks to fulfill, at the end of the day, all soldiers remain slaves, disposable human tools that are discarded the moment they stop fulfilling their purpose.

Women are given the role of, essentially, support corps. Caesar specifically forbids women from fighting, instead using them as caretakers, healers, midwives, and breeders to support the Legion’s continuous campaign of expansion. Almost all members of the Legion express condescending and downright misogynistic opinions of women and their non-combat roles. While the portrayal of female slaves in Fallout: New Vegas follows standard stereotypes, it is important to reiterate that both females and males in the Legion are fully subjugated by Caesar - though women have the distinction of being considered ‘sub-human’ instead of merely slaves, due to the Legion’s perception of their gender.

The Legion is structured after the army of the Roman Empire. The largest unit of organization in Caesar’s Legion is the “Cohort”, numbering about 480 infantrymen. Cohorts are further divided into “Centuriae”, which, contrary to their name, number about 80 men (accurate to the ancient Roman army as a Centuriae consisted of 80 professional soldiers and 20 noncombatants). Each Centuriae is divided into ten “tent groups” (“Contubernia”), making this the squad level of organization. Raiding parties also form in this size (about eight men) and are led by a decanus (squad leader).

Those living under the Legion’s control are considered subjects, not members of the Legion proper. Lands under Caesar’s protection enjoy stability and security far greater than lands outside its sphere of influence. Traders that have to cross NCR’s territories with a guard contingent can safely travel on Legion trade routes alone, without fear of being raided. Caesar is considered a harsh, but peaceful lord by those who live in his domain but have not been enslaved into his army.

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